Classes & Workshops

Are you ready for a live Creating Experience? Whether you need an in-person demonstration to jump-start your creative life or you are a seasoned creator who craves to the support of a larger creating community, I have several options available to meet your needs.

 The VITAL Creativity Class at the Vistas Summerlin Community Center

Special offer for Summerlin Residents. Registration is now open for Session 2: March 9 – April 6, 2017. Click to find out more…

Private Half Day Events

Do you have a special friend or group of friends who you would like to honor? How about hosting a half-day Special Creating Event? The experiences provided by my unique expertise are more than your typical “wine and art party.” Participants will enjoy a deeper level of self-exploration and connection through engagement in expressive creative flow. So what could this look like? For example, you have a girl friend who is moving out of town and you and your friends want to show your appreciation for her. Send her off with the memories of an unforgettable day of painting and play. Honor her with a once in a lifetime creative experience that everyone will benefit from.

As a Reiki Master I like to incorporate energy work in all of my experiences. This aspect distinguishes my events from those my competitors offer. Allow me to help you plan the perfect format for honoring your special guest. You supply the participants, the place and the purpose, and I will handle the instruction and all the supplies. I would love to discuss the possibilities with you further, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or to start planning your special event now.

Starting at $375 for up to ten participants. All art supplies included.

Private One to One Flow Session

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need help getting started with a creative project or are you having trouble completing one you’ve started? Don’t worry, this happens to all creatives at some time or another. As a Creativity Coach I will help you work through any creative blocks. Your creativity is an energetic force that runs through your physical body. My Reiki practice is especially attuned for healing creative energy by restoring conductivity and reducing energetic blocks. Through Reiki healing and practical accountability, we will get your body and thoughts back in alignment with your natural creative flow.

Starting at $150 for a private two hour Creativity Coaching and Reiki Flow session.

Parent/Child Creating Camp

Are you looking for a unique way to bond with your creative child? There is so much we can learn from our children about creativity! As a parent, you have more influence over your child’s creative habits than you might realize. I will provide specific art-based challenges for you and your child to solve collaboratively. As a Creativity Coach and Facilitator I will work side by side with you and your child to demonstrate ways for you to encourage one another by releasing judgment and expectations while nurturing curiosity and self-confidence.

For individual families or small groups of families. Starting at $275 for up to three families. A two-hour program.

Centering On Your Creative Potential – Large Group Presentation

Do you work with a large group of people who need help seeing themselves as creative? We are all creative, it is our perspective and life experience that reshapes our ideas about creativity and what it means to live a creative life. Get your group back on track by giving them the gift of inspiration and by re-connecting them to their natural gifts of creativity.

For large groups and corporations. Starting at $175 for up to 50 participants. A 45 minute to one-hour presentation.

Centering on your creative potential

Creating Positivity Gathering

Neuroscience is providing evidence that thinking positive thoughts benefits your mental and physical health. If you are longing for more positivity in your life, or you just need a monthly infusion of it to keep it working its magic, then please join the Creating Positivity monthly gathering. Spend one hour focusing on creating positive energy through your creative thoughts. Each gathering will include a brief introduction of a relative theme followed by a guided visualization and creative exercise. All supplies are included and all are welcome.

+/- …you get to choose

A free monthly gathering. Dates to be announced on Facebook. Please follow the Bonnie Kelso & Creating Your Experience facebook page for notifications and announcements.