Meet Bonnie

Portrait by Tamela Kemp Photography

Bonnie Kelso is an Artist, Creative Workshop Facilitator, Creativity Coach, Book Author, and Reiki Master. She uses a combination of energetic healing and visual art Creating Exercises to help people connect to their Higher Creative Self. Through Bonnie’s Creativity Coaching and Creating Exercises you will access and explore your creativity as if you were a child again. You will reignite and rediscover the power of your creative potential. With this power you, too, can create your experience, the experience you were meant to have in this life. You will gain clarity about who you really are, discover an untapped wealth of courage, and learn what it means to experience true creative flow.

Bonnie has been creating her experience professionally as a visual artist and designer for over 23 years. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has over twelve years of experience as an exhibit and graphic designer for museums, visitor centers, trade shows, and the print industry. She has worked on projects for the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, The Newseum, and NASA. She has owned her own creative business for over fifteen years.

As a fine artist, Bonnie creates intuitively, incorporating found objects as well as objects of personal value. Through the use of symbolism and metaphor she conveys the message and intent of each creation. Bonnie has been creating and exhibiting her artwork in Las Vegas for over twelve years. She is the mother of two boys with whom she enjoys many real and imaginary adventures. She has traveled extensively and continues to enjoy indulging her wanderlust in her free time.

Bonnie is the author of four interactive books for children and adults. She is also available as a Creative Workshop Facilitator and Creativity Coach for others. Her signature program, The ABCs of Conscious Creating, will help you to explore what makes your creative gifts special and how you can create more consciously by connecting deeply with the spiritual creator inside of you.