The Space Around Your Creating

Your creativity is a natural cycle. It requires space. You need a physical space for creating in and you also need spaces away from this creating space. Separating yourself from your creative projects helps you to build discernment and detachment from them. The reality is that anything you create is not actually a part of you, no matter how close you may feel to it. As creators in the throws of our passion, we sometimes forget this. We become immersed in specific project tasks and forget we are part of a greater creative process. … More The Space Around Your Creating

Is Your Creative Life Worth Fighting For?

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I enforced a “no TV” day as a punishment for my seven-year old son who was being defiant and downright disrespectful. Even as I laid out the terms of the restriction, I knew it was going to hurt, and not just him, but everyone. At the same time, I wanted to find out how a day at home without TV would affect everyone in the family, including me. … More Is Your Creative Life Worth Fighting For?